Brandon De Sha is an American photographer and visual artist born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. In 2015, he received his AFA in Photography from Saint Louis Community College - Florissant Valley. In 2016, based on the merit of his photography, De Sha received a Full tuition scholarship to attend Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design where he went on to pursue a BFA in New Studio Practice. In 2018, De Sha graduated from MIAD and now resides in the Saint Louis area.

As an interdisciplinary artist, De Sha's work takes various forms, though he primarily finds himself working within the medium of photography. As a traditionally trained photographer, De Sha uses medium and large format photography to methodically navigate the contemporary American landscape. Through photographing rugged man-made architecture, delicate natural spaces, the people he encounters though documentarian portraiture, and moments of solitude he crafts cohesive and unique visual stories that stand the test of time.